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Information Sheets in collaboration with Amaze

Autism Tasmania is pleased to be collaborating with Amaze.

Our first collaboration is the development of these information sheets tailored to reflect service delivery in Tasmania.  

The first set of six info sheets includes behaviours, bullying, transitions, puberty, social skills in the workplace and a grandparents resource.

Behaviour Management Strategies for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Bullying and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Effectively Preparing Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders for Transitions

Puberty and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Social Skills in the Workplace for Individuals with Asperger’s

Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders: For Grandparents


General Information Sheets

 Travelling with Children on the Autism Spectrum

(Launceston Airport Travel Advice for Parents and Carers of Children who mayhave difficulty travelling through an airport terminal)


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