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early daysAutism Tasmania are proudly supporting families by providing workshops for mothers, fathers and other family carers of young children (0-7 years) who have a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum or who are going through the assessment and diagnostic process.

Early Days is a national program funded by the Federal Government under the Helping Children with Autism Strategy and is run by local facilitators.

Autism Tasmania regularly conducts statewide workshops, including the following workshops. 

1.  My Child and Autism

During this workshop you will learn:

(a)  Learn about Autism and what it means for your family

(c)  Learn practical strategies that can make a difference to your child's development

(d)  Learn how to navigate early intervention


2.  Understanding Behaviour

During this workshop you will learn:

(a)  Understanding why your child has behavioural issues

(b)  Learn how to identify the purpose of your child's behaviour

(c)  Learn how to develop strategies

(d)  Plan for success


3.  Helping my Child Cope with Change 

What this workshop offers

(a)  Understand why change is so difficult

(b)  Learn how change impacts young children on the autism spectrum

(b)  Learn strategies for preparing for change in everyday situations


4.  Progression to School

What this workshop offers:

(a)  Understand the importance of working as a transition team

(b)  Tips and ideas to help you ready your child for school


5.  Encouraging Early Interaction

What this workshop offers:

(a)  Understand the critical building blocks for social interactions and communication

(b)  Devise practical strategies that encourage social skills development


6.  Play and Social Learning

What this workshop offers:

(a)  Understand play, social learning and autism

(b)  Understand the types and stages of play

(c)  Learn strategies to scaffold and encourage play development


7.  Tips for Everyday Skills

What this workshop offers:

(a)  Understand why everyday self-care skills can be difficult for a child on the autism spectrum

(b)  Learn strategies for teaching skills

(c)  Gain tips for specific skill areas i.e. eating, sleeping, toileting etc.....


All workshops are free of charge to attend

Workshops are held in small groups of 4-15 and gives you an opportunity to meet other parents

Light refreshments provided

Childcare is not provided

Session times vary 

For current dates follow this link to the Events page of our website



Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 1300 288 476

(Please note these workshops are for parents and other family carers only.  For professional development opportunities, please contact Autism Tasmania).



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