Update following the 2021 Annual General Meeting

Our New Board

We’re pleased to announce that Skie Mitchell is stepping into the role of Chairperson. We’d like to acknowledge all the work that Kieran McDonald has done in his time as Chair of the Board and we’re glad that he will be continuing to serve the Board as CEO liaison. Philip StEvens will be continuing as Deputy Chair, as well as David Donald remaining in his role as Treasurer. Christine Wright will also continue to serve in her role as Secretary. Lisa Gershwin, Laura Godfrey, and James Baker all remain Board members, and we’re pleased to welcome new Board member Pip Atkinson.

David Donald will continue to Chair the Finance & Risk Committee with Skie Mitchell in attendance. The Board will also be setting up an Autism Advisory Committee with members of the Autistic Community. Both Lisa Gershwin and Laura Godfrey will sit on this Committee as Advisors and we will soon be inviting members to express their interest in joining.

Changes to Autism Tasmania’s Constitution

There were seven key changes made to the Constitution:

  1. For the Purpose, Vision, and Mission section to align with our current vision and mission language; Autism Tasmania works with, and for, the Tasmanian Autism Community.
  2. To ensure that only the autistic community (and not organisations or other individuals) had ownership over the Association and can vote on changes.
  3. To clarify the policies around financial control for when payments can be made and to whom. This enables Autism Tasmania to pay an honorarium to members of the proposed Autistic Community Advisory Subcommittee.
  4. To simplify and streamline the Constitution, removing outdated processes (for example fax) and processes that limit the Association’s efficiency (for example electronic notices, additional roles authorised to use the Seal of Association).
  5. To establish an Advisory Subcommittee comprising of persons representing the diversity of lived experience of persons on the spectrum or family members of children under 18 years old.
  6. To allow Autism Tasmania to establish a whole or partly owned profit for purpose company should this be required for Autism Tasmania to deliver a Learning and Development Plan. And to clearly specify Autism Tasmania’s fundraising mission.
  7. To use gender-neutral terminology throughout.

Download the updated version of the Autism Tasmania Constitution as approved October 2021 here.

Autism Tasmania’s 30th birthday

At the Annual General Meeting, the Board approved for us to begin work on a project to document, protect and celebrate Autism Tasmania’s history. If you would like to be involved in the project or have any stories or photos you wish to share with us, please get in touch with us at communications@autismtas.org.au.

29th Annual Report 2020/21

Autism Tasmania’s 29th Annual Report reflects on our achievements in the 2020-2021 financial year. With a focus on how our improvements to updated systems support the ongoing growth of our four programs;

  • autism advisory services,
  • NDIS support coordination,
  • learning & development, and
  • peer & social networks.

To download and read the Annual Report and the accompanying Financial Report, tap or click on the names of each document below.

  1. Annual report 2020-21
  2. Financial Report 2020-21

An overview of our achievements can be seen below:

Autism Tasmania's Key Outcomes 20-21