Grant Maloney

Grant Maloney headshot

Autism Advisor

Grant joined the Autism Tasmania team in July 2021. Grant is a trained Physical Education and Health teacher who used this medium to work in the area of Special Education in North West Tasmania, England and Ireland in various roles for the past 23 years.

Until 2010 Grant was primarily a teacher of students with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties. Through this work, he noticed a distinct link between neurodiversity and perceived misbehaviour.

In 2011 he transferred to the School of Special Education North West and was the designated Senior Room Teacher for students with at least a dual diagnosis, one of which was Autism. This role required building close relationships with parents and families, liaising for these with government and non-government services and companies, NDIS applications, construction and delivery of Individual Learning Plans and teaching of life building skill programmes.

This knowledge and experience has helped Grant to make the transition to his role as an Autism Advisor in the Burnie office through real-world collaboration with Autistic individuals and their families and the challenges they face.


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