Advocating for new NDIS Independent Assessments to be halted!

Australian Autism Alliance Access and Planning Policies

On all accounts the National Disability Insurance Scheme NDIS has delivered life-transforming benefits to the over 10,000 eligible participants across Tasmania.
Of note 31% of participants have Autism as a primary diagnosis, 37% as a secondary.
For this reason listening to the unique needs of the Autistic community is fundamental to informing the continual improvement of the NDIS.

We write to alert you to a concerning development in reforms to the NDIS, specifically the implementation of new assessment arrangements.

Every person supports the need for nationally consistent assessment processes.
We all need to be 100% assured that there is full transparency in the decision to grant access to the NDIS.

But why is the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) rushing to prematurely implement changes to the scheme ?

In fact, the implementation of the Independent Assessments (IA):
– Has not been informed by proper piloting, evaluation or co-design.
– Does not have enacting legislation in placed yet.
– Has announced large contracts with mainland organisations BEFORE the legislation. A remarkable three days after the close of tender submissions too!
– Has not considered the major implications to the provider workforce in Tasmania.

We predict that the Tasmanian Autistic community will carry a unfair share of the personal cost and burden of the proposed IA implementation.
We can all do much better than that!