Be Concerned, Relieved….but now act to Prevent Harm

On behalf of the Autism Spectrum Community, Autism Tasmania is dismayed to learn of the news of a recent incident of sexual grooming via social media of a vulnerable young person on the Autism Spectrum.

Our thoughts are with this young person and her family at this enormously difficult time.

Donna Blanchard, CEO Autism Tasmania said that everyone should be heartened by the proactive actions of the family and the police that worked – in this instance – to protect this vulnerable young person and prevent harm. We now all need to learn how to prevent harm.

There are a range of complex, unique and individual reasons why a person on the Autism Spectrum might be more at risk of this type of inappropriate conduct than other persons.

There is a lot for us all to understand. For this reason, Autism Tasmania has collated a catalogue of specific resources to support people on the Autism Spectrum, their families, and communities.

Autism Tasmania takes this opportunity to increase awareness of the range of information and training resources that are freely available to assist in the development of preventative actions. These resources include:

Online Safety Guide for people on the autism spectrum (go to: Online safety for people with autism)
Information sheet about Puberty and Autism Spectrum Disorders Puberty-Info-Sheet.pdf (
Sex education – a guide for parents
• Individual or Group Parent/Carer Information sessions covering topics including puberty and sexuality (contact your local Autism Advisors**).
(Priority access for all Members).
• Access to Autism Tasmania library catalogue of books and DVD’s Library – Autism Tasmania. (Free for all Members).
• Family Planning Tasmania provides specialist relationships, sexuality and sexual health education and support for people with a disability
• Stay informed of autism related news and upcoming events. (go to: Become a member – Autism Tasmania)

**Autism Advisors located across Tasmania and are ready to discuss this or any other matter by phone or email

• T: 6231 2745 (South)
• T: 6344 1212 (North)
• T: 6431 0306 (North West)

For further information please contact Donna Blanchard, CEO T: 0447929140.