photo of a woman

Autistic Girls & Women Webinar

March 25, 2022 Friday 25 March 2022

Attwood and Garnett are hosting a live webinar on 25 March celebrating the unique presentation of autistic girls and women. It will increase awareness and knowledge of the female presentation of ASD and share strategies we find useful in clinical practice.

Who will benefit?

  • Parents and family members
  • Autistic girls and women
  • Health and educational professionals who see children and/or adolescents with autism as part of their practice, including psychologists, teachers, teachers assistants, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, GPs, paediatric psychiatrists, paediatricians, counsellors, social workers, mental health nurses, nurse practitioners – mental health, and developmental educators.

The recording will be available for 60 days after the live event.

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