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March 31, 2022 Thursday 31 March 2022

Play2Learn+ is an early childhood readiness program that aims to improve child development and wellbeing and educational attainment. It is a pilot program targeted towards families of children who will commence Kindergarten in 2023 (year of birth 2018), who are experiencing social disadvantage and may not be attending or regularly accessing early childhood education services. All participation is voluntary.

Play2Learn’s Child Development Specialists and Parent Coaches will provide targeted 1:1 support, based on assessments, to improve the child’s progress in key developmental domains. They will work alongside families building parent capacity and supporting the child’s development through the year prior to the commencement of Kindergarten.  This will include attending Lil to support regular family attendance. Where families experience multiple and complex barriers, Play2Learn+ will make warm referrals to appropriate funded services and support precise interventions (such as allied health therapy) to support the child to achieve expected child development milestones.

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