Magnificent 7 DVD

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Author: Helen Bonham Carter


All kids love Christmas, don’t they? Except for Maggi Jackson’s kids, that is… Five year old Curtis is autistic and allergic to everything, including Christmas. Twelve year old Christopher suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome which means he has a problem with anything that doesn’t say exactly what is means and Richard hates surprises and being jolly. Add to that eight year old Davey’s attention deficit, hyperactive disorder and it starts to make sense why Christmas in the Jackson household is a time of endurance rather than celebration. Helena Bonham Carter stars as Maggi, a mother with seven children – three ‘normal’ daughters and four sons who are each, in one form or another, autistic. This heart-warming drama is inspired by the true story of Jacqui Jackson and her seven extraordinary children. Written by Sandy Welch, Magnificent 7 is a funny, warm and enriching story; celebrating the struggles, tears, laughter and moments of magic that this surprising household experience over the course of a year.