The Other Country – a father’s journey with autism

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Author: Michael Whelan


Michael and Helen Whelan believed that life after the birth of their first child would be the most amazing adventure. But at 14 months of age, their precious son Charlie’s development seemed to stall and Michael and Helen began to realise that something was wrong. Referred to a paediatrician by their GP, they were given the shattering news: Charlie was autistic.

For Michael and Helen, this diagnosis was bewildering, frightening and heartbreaking; neither was really sure what autism was or what it meant to Charlie’s, and their family’s, future.

The Other Country is Michael Whelan’s account of what happened next – the obstacles they faced, the treatments they tried and the people they met. The Whelans story is one of triumphs and setbacks, of tests and uncertainties, and above all, of dedication and love.