TEST: Federal Election

1. Federal Election

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The Australian Federal Election is coming up in 2022.

As part of the Australian Autism Alliance, Autism Tasmania is calling for all federal government candidates to pledge their commitment to the following:

  1. Ensure that Medicare-funded diagnosis is available for all Australians.
  2. Develop and fund a National Autism Strategy, co-designed with autistic people and their advocates, to provide a coordinated national approach.
  3. Convene an Autism and COVID Summit in 2022 to identify initiatives in education, training, employment, and mental health that address the longtail adverse health, social and economic impacts of COVID.
  4. Develop a National Roadmap to improve health and mental health outcomes as has been done for people with intellectual disability, given the appalling health and mental health inequalities currently faced.
  5. Ensure an enduring and effective National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) by recommitting to its original vision. Disability supports must be continually improved by:
  • Expanding support and services for those not eligible for individual NDIS support packages.
  • Stronger regulation and care standards to ensure quality supports and to protect participants’ safety.
  • More deliberate market stewardship to ensure better access to services across Australia.
  • Co-design in planning and delivery with autistic people, their families, and representative organisations.

View the full call to action here.

View the candidates’ Pledge on a Page.

Autism Tasmania is a member of the Australian Autism Alliance, helping to drive the Shifting the Dial on Autism campaign. Find out more here.

You can help – download the call to action here and take this pledge form to your local candidates.