What do you want others to know about you and your autism experience?

Tasmanian Autistic people and their families are encouraged to share their story.
Autism Tasmania is pleased to partner with our Victorian counterpart Amaze to support their landmark study into the experiences of Autistic people across Australia is currently underway.
Developed by an autistic-led research team and a panel of autistic people, this research will uncover how autistic people are treated by others, what life is like, what autistic people want others to know about autism, and how autistic people want to be described. The survey is being conducted by the Australian Catholic University.
It follows on from the 2017, study of Autistic Experiences and Community Attitudes to Autism. This study provided new and vital insights into the experiences, opinions and needs of autistic people and has been used by autism organisations, government policy makers, and the media Australia-wide.
The 2021 survey will show how things have changed – or not – since the last study. It will also find out new information – including how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our community.
Please follow this link if you wish to participate – Survey Link