A Parents Guide to understanding Sensory Integration

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Author: A. Jean Ayres


Sensory Integration theory, as discussed in this booklet, comes from a body of work
developed by A. Jean Ayres, PhD, OTR. This theory has been further developed and refined by
the research of Dr. Ayres, and other occupational and physical therapists. In addition, literature
from fields such as neuropsychology, neurology, physiology, child development, and psychology
has contributed to theory development and treatment techniques.
Parents usually know and understand their children better than anyone else. Therefore, they
also know better than anyone else then their children are struggling, stumbling, or suffering. This
booklet was written to provide information on why some of these problems occur. It is also meant
to help better understand the reasons why some of the things parents do naturally are vital to
fostering optimal development in their children. This booklet can also be used to communicate
with teachers, physicians, counsellors, therapists, and others, to help them understand some of the
behaviours of the children with whom they work.