Safety during difficult times

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Alternative Service Delivery

Autism Tasmania is actively responding to the Social Distancing and other restrictions to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

We have closed our offices as we are not able to provide face to face support and have also postponed our face to face information sessions and fee for service training workshops.

We will continue to be available from 9 am to 3.00 pm Monday to Friday and can be contacted via our normal telephone numbers and email. See Contact page.

We can conduct Video Conferencing if you have an email address and we are investigating options around online delivery of information sessions and fee for service training.

We will also be launching a Webchat facility in the near future.

To ensure our services to you remain available some of our staff will be working from home and in the event of a lockdown we have the capacity for all our staff to work remotely.

Please stay safe during these most difficult of times and look out for some tips for selfcare both for you and those around you.

Terry Burke
Autism Tasmania

25 March 2020

Autism Tasmania is an independent voice for the Tasmanian autism community.

We provide information, assistance, and resources for people on the spectrum and those who support them.

What we do

Our purpose is to help Tasmanians on the autism spectrum and those who support them achieve the best outcomes possible.
Whether you are seeking support, services, training or information, we can discuss your needs and point you in the right direction.

Unlocking the Potential: Autism Across the Lifespan

Autism presents differently across the lifespan and support priorities change over time.

We have developed the following resources to foster an understanding of the unique strengths and challenges faced at various life stages.

Early Childhood
In Development

Adolescents and Young Adults
In Development

In Development

Support us

Membership with Autism Tasmania is free for people who identify on the autism spectrum and their immediate family.

Signing up puts you in touch with our local community of individuals on the spectrum, parents, educators, and other professionals.

Members have access to our library of resources and receive our regular email newsletter, with details of upcoming events, stories from the community, and more.

Donations over $2 are tax-deductible and help us continue to be an active voice in promoting greater understanding and better service provision for Tasmanians on the autism spectrum.


Recent Developments

  • Autism and Bushfire Emergencies

    Autism and Bushfire Emergencies

    Bushfire season is a stressful time for all of us, including children on the autism spectrum. Children on the autism spectrum can sense that adults around them are anxious, fearful and overwhelmed. Additionally, their anxiety increases as their routines, schedules …Read More »
  • National Guideline for Autism Assessment & Diagnosis

    National Guideline for Autism Assessment & Diagnosis

    The Autism Co-operative Research Centre (CRC) has published Australia’s first National Guideline for the assessment and diagnosis of autism. All Australians who require assessment for autism spectrum conditions are entitled to an early, affordable and comprehensive diagnostic process. The Guideline …Read More »
  • Post-school resources and supports

    Post-school resources and supports

    Leaving school can be a time of mixed emotions for both parents and their child. This time of transition also brings with it several challenges. There are some reputable information resources that you may find helpful as you prepare for …Read More »
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