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About Us

Autism Tasmania is the peak autism body in Tasmania.

We are committed to improving the lives of adults and children on the autism spectrum, their families, and carers; and to improve community awareness, acceptance, and understanding of autism.

We work closely with our members and the extended autism community to advocate for equity and fairness.

We are a community-based, not-for-profit, incorporated association and registered charity.


Our vision:

Optimum life outcomes for adults and children on the autism spectrum.

Our mission:

To help adults and children in Tasmania on the autism spectrum, their families and carers to participate fully, independently, and equally in all aspects of their everyday lives.

Our Core Values

Inherent worth: We recognise and celebrate that people on the autism spectrum are valuable members of society, capable of contributing to and enriching the lives of those around them.

Social justice: We value equality and recognise that some people need a greater share of resources in order to have equal opportunity.

Individual dignity: We value individuality, acknowledge that everyone should be treated with respect, and we believe that all people should have the opportunity to be involved in choices relating to their own wellbeing.

Respecting language and identity: We acknowledge the differing views within the autism community for describing autism and respect the right of individuals to choose the language which they believe most powerfully represents them.

Evidence-based practice and policy: We value evidence based practice and consult with and seek input from the autism community to influence better policy outcomes.

Collaboration and community: We value partnerships with other organisations, and celebrate the diversity and achievements of the community we represent.

Professionalism and accountability: We strive to operate our organisation transparently and with the best interests of our members and the Tasmanian autism community in mind.


Our organisation is governed by a voluntary board of directors drawn from our membership, with geographic and skills based representation. The board is responsible for the oversight of the strategic, financial and legal obligations of the entity; and benefits from the professional expertise and lived experience of its members.

Board Members

  • Kieran McDonald (Chairperson)
  • David Donald (Treasurer)
  • James Baker
  • Dr Lisa-Ann Gershwin
  • Laura Godfrey
  • Skie Mitchell
  • Philip StEvens
  • Christine Wright


Annual Reports

Strategic Plan

Staff Members

CEO – Donna Blanchard

Administration/Communications – Allison Lapham

Autism Advisor Manager – Maree Morgan

Autism Advisors

  • Amanda Gunders
  • Courtney Landers
  • Krystyna Moyle
  • Roger O’Meagher
  • Kerryn Pammenter
  • Mellissa Radford

Training Manager – Robyn Thomas

Training Team

  • Amanda Gunders
  • Roger O’Meagher
  • Robyn Thomas

Peer Support the Autistic Way – Project

  • Geraldine Robertson
  • Robyn Thomas

Accountant – Izaak de Winter