Tamara Anne Beswick

Tamara Anne Beswick headshot

Tam is a proud Autistic woman, who is also raising her own two Autistic children and many slightly eccentric animals! After being diagnosed in her 40s, and becoming increasingly passionate about advocating for the rights of Autistic people, she co-formed North West Tasmania Autistic Society (NWTAS), a local peer network for the North West Coast of Tasmania. This peer group has grown larger than either of the co-founders expected at the inception of the group, and they now run offshoot activities aside from the fortnightly catch up, including weekly games nights, crafting sessions and creative writing sessions. The aim of NTWAS is to provide more safe, social and enjoyable spaces for the Autistic community to engage with.

Tam previously studied and tutored students in Psychology, before realising her true passion lay with computer science, where she is now doing a part-time degree through CSU. Her special interest is games, in all forms, and is currently interested in how Dungeons and Dragons can provide Autistic children and adults a space to engage in social and creative skills.


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