Specialist Support Approaches to Autism Spectrum Disorder students in mainstream school

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Author: Sally Hewitt


This comprehensive guide is bursting with achievable teaching strategies for those involved with ASD students in the school environment. Due to understaffed classes or poor staff training, many students with ASDs are taught in mainstream lessons where they do not receive the help they require and are entitled to. Hewitt shows that providing specialist support in schools enables students with ASDs and associated behavioural difficulties to become more included in pre-school, primary and secondary mainstream classes.

Hewitt promotes tried and tested initiatives to evaluate staff expectations, convey meaning in the classroom through alternative methods of communication,
re-think the physical environment of pupils and celebrate achievement with rewards. With an abundance of cost- and time-effective management guidelines for teachers and support staff of affected pupils, this book facilitates a more inclusive school setting and stresses the importance of a consistent working approach both at school and home. School/home liaison prepares students for a gradual reduction of staff intervention by encouraging greater student independence. Teachers and parents alike will find this an invaluable resource for integrating ASD students among their peers while providing them with the necessary support.